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Company - Profile - Development Course

Corporate milestones

1988Establishment of the company in Kozani
1991Establishment of the Thessaloniki branch and transfer of the headquarters
1997Establishment of Athens branch
1997Implementation of the quality assurance management system certified by the Hellenic National Standardisation Organisation (ELOT) according to EN ISO 9001 international standard
1999Establishment of Xanthi branch
2001Transfer of the headquarters to a new privately owned building located in Finikas, Thessaloniki
2001Increase of share capital to 1.47 M€
2001Certification of the Research and Development Department according to the ISO 9001 international standard
2002Upgrading of the quality assurance management system according to the ISO 9001:2000 international standard
20022002 Certification of the Software Development and the Legal Support for the National Cadastre Departments according to the ISO 9001:2000 international standard
2007Renewal of the company equipment under the frame of four contracts in the National Cadastre
2007 Growth in activities at Eastern Europe Countries and Cyprus
2008 Growth of services in the field of agriculture (optimisation, forecasts, precision agriculture)
2009 Growth of services in the field of energy
2012Upgrade of the Quality Assurance System to ISO 9001:2008
2012Undertake of the cadastral survey of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, the largest contract ever assigned by Ktimatologio S.A.
2013Undertake of the National Cadastre Project of whole Kozani Prefecture (Ktimatologio S.A)
Approval of investment project in the field of diagnosis of diseases, protection and management of the rural environment (Mediterranean olive trees - eleagro service)
2013Approval of investment project in the field of diagnosis of diseases, protection and management of the rural environment (Mediterranean olive trees - eleagro service)
2014Undertake of the monitoring and evaluation of the conservation status of community interest mammal species in Greece

Technological milestones

1992Introduction of digital photogrammetry
1994Research on close-range and industrial photogrammetry funded by the Ministry of Development
1996Coordination of Research Projects funded by the European Commission
1999Development of digital document management application
2001Development of a set-up for aerial photography of archaeological sites and monuments based on a remote controlled model helicopter
2001Use of high, network and telecommunication technology for the on-line connection of headquarters with branch offices
2002Development of tools for the digitisation of cultural objects of all sizes
2002Development of applications in WEB environment (document management, databases, GIS)
2003Launch of a spin-off company for the exploitation of the ecoMarble results (use of marble powder for the production of museum copies)
2006Launch of our e-shop and WEB-GIS for digital geographical data
2008Incorporation and use of 3d laser scanning technology in field surveying applications
2010Expansion of aerial photography service capabilities with the addition of a 6-canal multispectral camera
2011Computer vision and portable 3d color laser scanning for the high accuracy digitization, documentation and reconstruction of the Parthenon Frieze and votives
2012Service providing using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
2013Development of IT web platform for an integrated processing and management of cadastral data in OPEN environment -GEOKTHMA
2013Development of digital web-based platform for networking, continuous communication and information of large teams along with monitoring of projects in operational level.
2014Low altitude flights for the production of cadastral base maps of very high geometric accuracy with the use of Line Cameras. Aerial photography services with the use of thermal and hyperspectral sensors for monitoring the rural environment.
2015Services providing  using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system (eBee)




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