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Company - Equipment - Hardware

GeoAnalysi S.A. is distinguished for its cutting-edge technology equipment that has at its disposal that makes it a leading company in the sector.

Always in close touch with technological progress, the company upgrades and renews its equipment in all areas of activity in order to be able to offer high quality services.

The Computer equipment includes laptops and desktops of the latest technology,  servers of high capacity as well as powerful printers and scanners . Lately, the network of the company was upgraded with fiber optics.

For surveying projects of small and extended areas, high-tech and accurate topographic instruments are available (Total Stations, GPS etc.) as well as all equipment accessories for topographic measurements. Additionally, terrestrial laser scanning systems are used in various applications for 3D model generation, while company’s UAVs (Helicopter, Hexacopter, Fixed wing) perform all kinds of flights.  

GeoAnalysi S.A. invests in the field of photographic documentation by owning a large number of high resolution image sensors (Compact & DSLR cameras, go Pro, video cameras etc.) as well as professional lighting systems (Non portable lighting, Flash etc.) and accessories (lenses, tripods, rotating heads, reflectors etc.).

Apart from real color sensors, GeoAnalysi S.A. has at its disposal multispectral, hyperspectral and thermal camera, all adaptable to UAVs. Using these sensors, the company significantly enhances its remote sensing services and promotes its activities to new fields, such as precision agriculture, pathology studies for buildings and monuments, support of archaeological excavations etc.

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