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Research - Operational Programmes - COOPERATION 09SYN-62-629 (DIGITIZING PARTHENON FRIEZE)


Digitization, renovation and reconstruction of the Parthenon frieze and votives

It is a research project under the Operational Programme "Cooperation", co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), European Union and national funds (NSRF 2007-2013)

Project Code: COOPERATION 09SYN-62-629
Start date: 28-February-2011
Duration: 36 months


Project’s main objective was the highly accurate digital documentation of the Parthenon Frieze for the first time in its whole. During the project, 3D laser scanning took place, using high tech handheld 3D scanner. In tandem, an alternative 3D reconstruction method from digital images was developed based on computer vision algorithms.  

The developed method was successfully used at the British Museum, giving the chance to complete 3D modelling of all marble blocks exhibited in the Parthenon Gallery, in only 5 days.


GeoAnalysi S.A.


Laboratory for Machine Tools & Manufacturing Engineering, Aristoteles University Thessaloniki

Acropolis Museum



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