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Research - Operational Programmes - ICT-00148 (eleagro)

ICT4GROWTH - 00148 (eleagro)

Advanced service of prognosis-diagnosis of the "AIDS of the olive tree' in the Mediterranean olive groves, using satellite and UAV

Co-financed by Greece and the European Union (European Regional Development Fund) - Operational Programme "Digital Plan" - NSRF 2007-2013 - Infosociety S.A. 

Project Code: ICT-00148
Start Date: 05-May-2013
Duration: 24 months


The purpose was to provide service detection of the Verticillium dahliae fungus in olive trees, in the early stages and parallel detection of similar problems/ stress levels in crops and vegetation. The service was based on remote sensing diagnostic applications (from satellite and UAV) and observing the spread implementation of good agricultural practices and integration advantages of precision agriculture. The aim of the application was the early identification of threats and early action to avoid costly treatment of fungus in advanced stage and the inevitable destruction of part of the olive grove.





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