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Nowadays, the demand for a new energy policy is a complex and multidimensional process aiming at protecting the environment, while achieving economic benefits.
Ιn the context of energy conservation, νew laws and regulations, reliable technologies, widespread clean and renewable energy sources, new building materials and electromechanical equipment,  compose the modern scene of energy planning.
GeoAnalysi S.A., taking full advantage of the available technology and aiming at sustainability and viability, provides coplete solutions:
in the construction sector (residences, offices, services and commercial buildings, buildings for educational use, industrial plants, sports centres):
  • energy audits  in accordance with Law 3661/08
  • low energy consumption design (architectural design considering  climate, exposure, lighting, ventilation, appropriate  materials, planting and microclimate creation)
  • bioclimatic design
  • utilization of renewable energy sources   
  • electromechanical designs and air-conditioning systems improving energy efficiency and conservation in existing buildings
at urban planning level bioclimatic studies for the design of:
  • settlements
  • housing estates
  • urban areas of public use with determination of coatings for equipment and selection of plants for wind protection, sun protection and microclimate creation
of Consultants Services:
  • evaluation of energy solutions in the design and planning phase
  • evaluation of technical-economic reports
  • expert advice on incentive programmes and financing
feasibility studies and design of renewable energy power stations