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Preparation of Hydrogeological and Geological – Geotechnical– Seismotectonic Studies, with the aim of investigating the suitability of different areas and soils for engineering structures.
In particular, the following design studies are prepared:
  • Design Studies for Water Resources Management, including the following: determination of water balance in basins (estimation of surface water and groundwater potential, space-time distribution and availability, water demand analysis per use, quantitative and qualitative dimensions), determination of groundwater and surface water quality, investigation of the spatial distribution of a potential penetration of seawater into coastal aquifers.
  • Infrastructure Designs, e.g., road axes, bridges, embankments etc. Designs for landslides and slope stability at foundation sites and road axes.
  • Selection of areas for constructing Dams, Water Tanks, Reservoirs, and Sanitary Landfills.
Investigation and determination of the suitability of different areas in the process of urbanization, from a geological – environmental point of view, while examining the natural hazard in these areas (landslides, earthquakes, floods, erosion).