Project title: «Development of a web-based application for depicting, managing and exchaching BIM models, based on the IFC standard.»

GOBIM is a online application intended for viewing, managing and sharing your BIM data that are based on the IFC standard. IFC is an open-source standard which is globally used for sharing and exchaning your BIM data (openBIM solution). An IFC file includes all types of technical and geometric data.

The BIM methodology makes use of a 3D digital model, in order to give a complete representation of every physical and functional characteristic of a technical project, aiming at facilitating the project’s design, construction and operation processes.

With the use of the GOBIM app, each user loads an IFC file and is instantly given the ability to navigate into the model with the use of a browser on any desktop, tablet or smartphone device. In addition, the application offers its users the ability of creating floorplans and architectural sections, as well as carrying out instant 2D and 3D measurements.

GOBIM is primarily aimed towards Architects, Engineers, Investors, Manufacturers and Owners, as well as anyone with an access to an IFC file.