Visitation of Russian, Chinese and Greek Academics to the company’s headquarters

On Wednesday 10/07/2019, a visit of academics and researchers, given a research project, from the following institutions in China and Russia was successfully held at our company’s headquarters in Thessaloniki:

  • Volga State University of Technology  (Volga tech university) 
  • Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Science (IKI)
  • Bashkir State Agrarian University (BSAU)
  • Zhejiang University  (ZJU)

More specifically, the visit took place within the framework of the research project entitled: «GIS and Remote Sensing for Sustainable Forestry and Ecology / SUFOGIS (ERASMUS+ KA2)», whose coordinator was the Forestry Management and Remote Sensing Laboratory of the Forestry Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. (AUTh), with scientific manager Mr. Ioannis Geta, who together with Ms. Hara Minakou (MSc, AUTH) accompanied the group of researchers.

During the meeting, our visitors were guided around the company’s facilities exploring the multitude of its activities, through short presentations of each colleague and collaborator, with an emphasis on Forestry Studies, Remote Sensing Studies, and the research interests of GEOANALYSIS S.A., which concern the field of Agriculture and the Environment.

For GEOANALYSIS S.A. it is always a priority to promote cooperation and partnership, regarding the undertaking of every project, which touches on the importance of international collaborations, whether remotely or in person. We sincerely thank our visitors and hope for other future meetings.