Hellenic Cadastre

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Hellenic Cadastre is one of the most important ongoing development projects in Greece and aims at the creation of a united and constantly updated system which records real property of both citizens and the State.
Direct Benefits for the citizen
  • Definitive and irreversible consolidation of title deeds.
  • Discharge from time-consuming and expensive bureaucratic procedures.
  • Facilitation and simplification of the transfer of real property by minimizing costs and time needed.
  • Guarantee of an immediate and safe procedure of expropriations and compensations.
Benefits for Society and State
  • Revelation and irreversible delimitation of public and municipal real property.
  • Exploitation and protection of forests and other natural resources.
  • Environmental upgrading by limiting the fires, encroachments and arbitrary actions.
  • Application of a modern agrarian policy in order to render the exploitation of land more productive.
  • Application of a modern residential policy in order to provide urban-planned land suitable for the development of first and second residence of high quality.
The project begun in 1994 with the development of the first pilot programs and is expected to be completed by 2020, actively contributing to the reform of Public Administration on real estate issues. To date, the cadastral projects are completed in more than 300 municipalities and more than 100 cadastral offices are fully operative.
In the context of the First Generation Cadastre Projects, GeoAnalysi S.A. undertook many projects in North Greece.
During the 2nd Generation of Cadastral Projects which started in 2008 and still goes on, the company has undertaken contracts in Drama, Xanthi, Kozani, Edessa, Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki and inth island group of Cyclades 


For the above projects and the procedure for declarations or FAQs, additional information can be found at the website below.
For more about the Procedure of Hellenic Cadastre, the Cadastral Offices of each municipality, the areas which are under cadastral survey and any other information you can visit the website of the National Cadastre, official institution for the National Cadastre, from the link below.