Possibilities | Experience

The field of topographic studies is the pillar of GeoAnalysi SA and is the one that revealed the company as one of the leading companies of the sector.
GeoAnalysi S.A. features a range of latest technology high-precision surveying instruments as well as global positioning systems (GPS) and equipment accessories for all topographic measurements. The available equipment includes terrestrial laser scanning systems that combined with specialized software, produce 3D point clouds and surface models, enhancing the provided services and products.  
The company, exploiting its equipment, human resources and longtime experience, covers many needs by developing:
  • Trigonometric – Leveling Networks – Installation, Measurement
  • Polygonometry – Tachymetry
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Cadastral Surveys
  • Implementation Acts – Town Plans
  • Surveying of Infrastructures
  • Surveying of Engineering Structures
  • Laying out of Engineering Structures
  • Displacement Monitoring and Control Networks
  • Determinations – Measurements of Ground Control Points