Possibilities | Experience

Ηydraulic projects:

  • Internal Water supply and drainage system in the Daskaloi seasonal settlement at Metaforfosi of Chalkidiki
  • Design for the internal water supply system of the Municipal District of Agios Dimitrios
  • Preparation study of 7 Local Refuse Management Unities for the Recycle infrastructure and other relevant services in West Makedonia Region
  • External drainage system of the A zone of Velvendos expansions
  • Support of the Land Reclamation Department of Ksanthi for the preparation of
  • Anti-flood, Drainage survey for the Genissea farmyard area
  • Preparation of a design study for sewage disposal in the Municipal District of Zagliveri, Municipality of Kalindia
  • Hydraulic study for the farm of the Municipal District of Agios Dimitrios, Prefecture of Boiotia

Complemenary hydraulic studies for technical projects:

  • Tracing of Ptolemaida – Western Eordea Road and connection with the vertical axis of Kozani – Florina
  • Design study for the construction of the road section “Samarina – Eptahori”, Prefecture of Kozani
  • Preparation of final road design (main road/ junctions / service road and vertical road network with triangular cross section), final hydraulic study, mapping, cadastral survey and cadastres, final geological design, geotechnical designs and preliminary designs for the structures of the section “Ieropigi – Krystallopigi”, Vertical Axis “Siatista – Ieropigi – Krystallopigi”
  • Design study of the road axis of Northwestern Thessaloniki