International Collaboration 2003–133 (marble products)
Manufacture of marble items from powdered marble, using innovative methods 
It is a research project co-funded by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (Hellenic Ministry of Development) in the frame of the Operational Programme “Competitiveness”.
Project Code: International Collaboration 2003– 133
Start date: 01-May-2004
Duration: 24 months
The project involves the manufacture of original and innovative products, mainly decorative items and objets d’art, created from marble dust. The final products have the appearance of real marble but actually contain only 65% marble.
The purpose of the project is to study in greater depth the process of manufacturing these products, and more specifically the process of casting the marble dust mixture in silicone moulds, thereby significantly reducing the cost of production.
We will also explore ways of improving the quality and appearance of the products by experimenting with marble dust of different degrees of granulation, introducing also colors. The purpose is to achieve the optimum reproduction of the crystalline appearance of real, solid marble.