Model Helicopter

PAVE 97 ΒΕ 2 (radio- controlled helicopter)
Use of radio- controlled aerial photography and automated digital photogrammetry applied to archaeological excavation works, monumental surveying and aluminum-glass panel industries
PAVE 97 BE 2 is a research project co-funded by the General Secretariat for Research & Technology, Hellenic Ministry of Development in the frame of the Programme for Industrial Research Development.
Project Code: PAVET 97 BE2
Start date: 15-Sept-1998
Duration: 18 months
Collaborator: Polyline S.A.

Archaeologists in Greece, need an accurate and detailed mapping, in order to supervise and complete the excavation works. So far, techniques applied by archaeologists to produce such plans are traditional and, very time and money consuming. Considering the above, project’s idea was to develop a methodology for the rapid and effective surveying of archaeological sites, excavations and/or monuments in general, with the use of state-of-the-art techniques, based mainly on automated digital photogrammetry.
The introduced methodology was based on the combined use of advanced technologies and led to the development of of a model helicopter. Through the realisation of the research project, a real-time surveying of archaeological excavations will be accomplished. Shortly after the moment of image acquisition, we will obtain the final products, i.e. 3D models, digital terrain models, linear drawings, rectified images etc.
The methodology is also applicable to a large number of fields, where rapid and accurate mapping is required, using no-contact methods. Such applications are all the monumental surveying, the shipbuilding and maintenance etc