Photogrammetry of Panels

PAVE 94 ΒΕ 261 (photogrammetric surveying of building constructions)
Incorporation of photogrammetry to the accurate surveying and study of multi-storey building facades and special constructions (atria) for the coverage with aluminum-glass panels
PAVE 94 BE 261 is a research project co-funded by the General Secretariat for Research & Technology, Hellenic Ministry of Development in the frame of the Programme for Industrial Research Development.
Project Code: PAVET 94 BE 261
Start date: 10-Oct-1995
Duration: 12 months
Contractor: Doral S.A.
In Greece there were no units prefabricating profiles in their plants. All companies used traditional means of in-situ measurement followed by construction in the plant resulting in low productivity, average quality and high cost. Furthermore, the constructions do not guarantee stability and protection against earthquakes; they do not even guarantee that the glass panels will not collapse.

This project aimed to develop a special method, based on photogrammetry, in order to achieve accurate study of exterior surfaces in multi storey buildings and special constructions (atria) that were going to be coated with aluminum-glass panels. For the above, analytical and digital photogrammetric techniques were applied to images taken from metric and non-metric cameras.

Additionally, within the context of this program, there has been a development of designing files-libraries of the produced aluminium profiles, which are used in the construction of the facades of buildings and atria. The files were related to information, such as cost of materials, suppliers and time of supplies, storehouse elements) via data base.