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3d models
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GeoAnalysi S.A. undertakes the modelling of either small or bigger objects using:
  • Computer Vision algorithms applied to digital images
  • 3D laser scanners
In both cases, dense point clouds or surface models which can accurately describe the structure even for complicated oblects, are created. As final products, models with real texture captured while scanning or afterwards from digital images, can be produced.
3D models are widely used for the documentation of cultural assets, as they give a highly accurate and reliable representation. Additionally, they are commonly used for web applications of museums, such as digital libraries, collections and virtual tours.
Apart from their contribution to the documentation, preservation and dissemination of cultural heritage, 3D models are widely used in replicas production of all kind of objects via rapid prototyping techniques to various materials (wax, resin, marble). In addition to replicas, the production of modified objects is feasible by making modifications and additions to the original model.