Web Applications

web applications
An important part of the company’s activities is the development of integrated web applications for various purposes.
Many of these applications have been developed in the past and used by the company, aiming either at upgrading internal procedures or improving the way undertaken projects are elaborated.
A large part of the applications developed by GeoAnalysi S.A. aim the improvement of information management via Database Systems while following the trend, the company develops web GIS applications as well.
To this point, the development of a web platform of applications aiming projects’ monitoring, organization of data, resources’ management and work assignments.
The IT department develops integrated web applications for spatial data viewing and management, which support additional functions depending on the needs of the studies undertaken by the company.
Indicative examples of geoportal developed in 2015 are the www.kthma.gr and the www.eleagro.com.
The development of all applications is based on widely used standards and software and follows modern implementation techniques to ensure use flexibility, maximum compatibility with other applications and responsive design.