UAVs & Sensors | Applications | Products

  • high accuracy mapping applications (2D/3D)
  • cadastral mapping
  • photographic documentations for real estate
  • video recording
  • worksite progress monitoring
  • precision agriculture (diagnosis of crop diseases, fertilization control, phenological cycle monitoring, recording of agricultural damage)
  • inspection of infrastructure (buildings, bridges, high-voltage networks, railway transport, public network etc) and energy installations (solar panels, wind parks etc.)
  • mapping applications and calculation of mining volumes
  • documentation and preservation of cultural assets (archaeological sites, monuments)
  • monitoring of landfills
  • monitoring and systematic recording of land use
  • environmental applications (control of environmental conditions, fire detection, detection of poisonous gases, coastal pollution monitoring)
  • mapping of temperature variations (urban, industrial environment, etc.)
  • monitoring of extreme phenomena and recording of destructive effects (disasters/ floods/ storms)
  • security – coastline and borders monitoring