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Geographical Information Systems (GIS) have become a widely used tool for spatial information management. Within the strict meaning, GIS are digital systems that can store, analyze and associate all kinds of spatial data with descriptive attributes. The great benefit od GIS which also differentiate them from the traditional CAD systems, is that apart from visualizing vector data and georeferenced images, they do correlate them with descriptive information, thus creating an integrated system with spatial reference.


GIS applications are numerous and actually concern all activities involving spatial information. Indicatively, various applications can be stated such as those for cartographic purposes, database development, modeling and design of public utility networks, support for land redistribution projects, development of natural risk and decision-making models and for special applications such as vehicle route planning and more.


GeoAnalysi S.A. has longtime experience in GIS use for many studies such as land reforms, hydrological, transport and environmental studies, urban and regional planning etc. In addition, in the context of technical projects and research programs the company has proceeded to the development of GIS systems by itself. Recently, following the technological developments, the company develops integrated GIS applications in web environment, covering all required stages, from the logical, relational and physical design of the database to the implementation of the geoportal with all necessary tools.