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The company has drawn up a large number of road works designs, many of which have already reached the phase of implementation and construction. 
Design study of the road network of Kozani
Final Design: vertical axis of EGNATIA ODOS “Niki – Prefecture of Larissa boundaries” – Complementary support tasks for the ring road of Kozani
Design study for the reconstruction of Provincial Road no. 2, from the 5th km to the boundary between the Prefectures of Rodopi and Xanthi
Final Design “Kozani – Rymnio – Trigoniko”
Preparation of road works designs in various areas of the Prefecture of Kozani 
Egnatia Motorway, section “Igoumenitsa – Vrosyna”
Egnatia Motorway, vertical axes, Prefecture of Evros
Egnatia Motorway, micromovement control, Prefectures of Ioannina and Evros
Consultancy services and assistance to the Design Department of “EGNATIA ODOS SA” in the preparation of a final road design for optimization of the layout of vertical axis No. 75 “Komotini – Nymphea – Greek-Bulgarian Borders”
Road design for a section of Athens – Thessaloniki National Road, up to Kallipefki
Preparation of a final road design for the section “Ieropigi – Krystallopigi” of the Vertical Axis “Siatista – Ieropigi – Krystallopigi”
Design Study of the Road Axis of Northwestern Thessaloniki
Preliminary Design for a Road Section of Egnatia Motorway – Veria Road Axis “Polygyros – Ierissos”, section: “Vrastama – Plana”
Final Road Design (left and right ramp) for the Motorist Service Station (SEA) of Agios Sostis