Digital Data Management

digital data management
GeoAnalysi S.A., through National Cadastre and many other big projects, realized early on the benefits of digital material over the analog and the need of standardizing organization and archiving procedures, in order to achieve the optimal management of documents, maps and designs.
To this end, since 1999 the company has developed research activity in order to create a Digital Document Management System. The developed application through the above research project still operates and is used by the company, while is constantly upgraded and extended to cover new needs.
Currently, GeoAnalysi S.A. has at its disposal an application platform that meets its management needs considering both data and human resources. The system supports:


  • organization and archiving (import, categorizing, organization and distribution of documents)
  • keeping project’s digital folder (administrative and financial data, timetable, files)
  • tasks routing through work assignments and processing
  • electronic protocol and Barcode Scanning
  • classified users access and data security
  • calculation of statistics for projects and processes
  • digital recording of staff entry – exit


The development and the longtime, in-house use of the application, has brought great expertise and experience to the executive staff of GeoAnalysi S.A. which is utilized successfully in projects which concern electronic management and organization of digital material.


Over and before the electronic management, the creation of proper material by digitizing existing analogue archive is often required. GeoAnalysi S.A. is fully equipped with scanners and software of the latest technology. As a result, it undertakes the digitization of all types of printed material (documents, designs, maps, diapositives etc.) and their processing (text recognition, image processing, design vectorization) in order to be able to be inserted in any data management system.


Indicatively, the company has carried out scanning and data management projects by developing applications for the following organizations:


  • Technical Services of Municipalities Komotini, Pilea, Stavroupoli, Kozani
  • National Cadastre S.A. (current N.C.M.A. S.A.)
  • Prefecture of Kozani, Florina
Recently, GeoAnalysis S.A. successfully completed two more digitization projects, both including data archiving step in Papyros Millennium III platform.


In more detail,
  • the first project was conducted for the Technical Department of the Municipality of Ilioupoli and during the project a large number of documents and large scale plans was digitized and archived
  • the second project involved the archive material of the Financial Services and Human Resources Division of OSE S.A. During the project a very large amount of analog material was digitized and archived in a very short time.