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The great value of Cultural Heritage gives significant importance to all actions that contribute to preservation, conservation and documentation. Moreover, the use of modern technologies for disseminating culture, apart from their educational value, they significantly strengthen tourism, especially in countries such as Greece.
GeoAnalysi S.A. for many years, with respect to culture and recognizing the required high standards, has been very active in this field, both through research programs and numerous projects.
From the documentation of monuments and archaeological sites using traditional photogrammetric methods, to the 3D modeling of objects with modern techniques, GeoAnalysi S.A. constantly improves its services in order to be able to offer the best result.
Driven by scientists’ needs (archaeologists, Conservators of Antiquities, museologistς etc), the company uses UAVs of the latest technology, high resolution cameras, various types of sensors, professional photography and surveying equipment, laser scanners, Computer Vision techniques and 3D design software, to be able to offer:
  • Photographic documentation of archaeological sites and assets
  • Vector drawings and orthophotos
  • 2D or 3D recording for systematic monitoring of excavation progress
  • 3D models with real texture of all kind of objects
  • 3D models for reproduction
  • Replicas in various scales and materials
Indicative applications in monuments and archaeological sites: